New e-cookery book that promotes food sustainability

CLA Northamptonshire member embarks on new project to support busy parents
Milly Fyfe Dec 2021.png

Northamptonshire CLA member Milly Fyfe, who is a podcaster, food blogger, farmers wife and mother, is launching an e-cookery book to help people who enjoy cooking but are time poor, create family friendly meals from scratch.

The recipes are pulled together from the successful food blog No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents and the podcast ‘The Countryside Kitchen meets’ where Milly interviews food producers and farmers about what they grow, rear or process and how they can make a tasty meal using those ingredients.

There is a real emphasis on seasonality and highlighting local food producers, ensuring low food miles, provenance and sustainability, whilst making the meals accessible, easy to make and the whole family can enjoy.

Commenting on the e-book launch, author and entrepreneur Milly Fyfe commented: “I want to help people eat well for less and enjoy cooking a meal from scratch. I’ve often found some cookery books and TV programmes too complex with ingredients that are expensive or not accessible to the average person. As a busy parent myself, I want to feed my family well, but am often time poor. I’ve put together these recipes from my own repertoire as well as from farmers and foodies that I have interviewed using British ingredients.

‘No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents was first conceived during the height of the pandemic, where I would take photos of the produce I was growing in my garden, document what was happening on the farm and involving my two young children in the growing, cooking and eating of homegrown produce. Very quickly people became interested in what we were up too and I wanted to share a few easy, no fuss recipes to help provide inspiration at mealtimes. Now that everyone is worried about the cost of living, I want to empower people to recognise what they can make, what local farmers and food producers have available and in season, and ultimately help the local economy."

The book will be raising money for The Farming Community Network, supported by Love British Food and has been endorsed and fore-worded by HRH The Princess Royal.

An e-book launch will take place on Friday 16th December, and a copy will be available to purchase and download on Amazon for £4.95. Pre orders can be taken now by clicking here.

Printed copies will be available at a later date.