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Find out more about CLA East Communications Manager Lee Murphy

This month find out more about CLA East Communications Manager Lee Murphy.

What does your role at the CLA involve?

I oversee the external communications for the CLA across the nine counties in our region. That’s everything from liaising with the media and raising the CLA’s profile, updating social media, writing articles for Land & Business and sending out our regional e-newsletters and event invitations.

What’s the best aspects of your role?

I love going out and about and meeting our members. We have such a diverse membership and I am always so impressed by the innovative approaches our members take to running their businesses and managing their land. One day I can be sitting on a combine interviewing a farmer the next I could be visiting a project on beavers.

How has your role changed during Covid-19?

The basics of my role can be done remotely from home but, like everyone else, I’ve had to adapt to Zoom calls and webinars. I’m currently in the process of planning a webinar for CLA members on 22 September on how to manage your media profile. It will cover how to promote your business to get media coverage and also how to protect your reputation if you receive unwanted media attention. We have a media training company, a newspaper editor, and two CLA members who have had a lot of media experience on the panel so it should be an interesting session. Contact to register your interest in attending.