Meet our new Membership Relations Manager

Claire Murray has joined the CLA East team
Claire Murray.jpg

Claire Murray is the new CLA East Membership Relations Manager, a role designed to help our members make the most of being part of the CLA, so you may get a phone call from her in the future.

Claire is from an arable farming family and has a degree in agricultural technology and management, and a masters in biotechnology and agriculture.

For 10 years Claire worked in agrochemical sales for manufacturers and a distributor based in East Anglia. She also helped set up a small buying group in North Yorkshire and a horse paddock consultancy.

The past 13 years Claire has been back in East Anglia having a small farm business tenancy. In 2018 she set up a camping and glamping site just outside Ely on one of the family farm fields with great views of Ely Cathedral. The farm is a member of the Ely Nature Friendly Farming Zone (ENNFZ) – with the aim of connecting wildlife corridors in the fens.

Claire is responsible for contacting members to find out more about their business to ensure we can represent them as effectively as possible and to check all their contact details are correct to ensure members receive our updates, invites log in details to access guidance notes, webinars etc on the CLA website. She will also be looking to add ‘additional members’ so that everyone benefits from the CLA membership.

If we have incorrect contact details for you, or if there are other members of your family or business you would like to add to your membership, please do contact the CLA East office. We need name, address, postcode, phone numbers, email and their relationship/job title (successor, spouse, resident agent, farm manager, administrator etc). Please also let us know if they would like to receive a hard copy of the CLA magazine.

Claire takes over from Duncan Margetts-Anderson who has relocated to the CLA South West office where he is now a Rural Adviser.