Maximise your CLA membership

Are there additional people you would like to add to your membership?

As a valued member of the CLA we want to keep you, your family and colleagues updated on our work so that you are aware of how we can help you, and how you can maximise the benefits of your membership.

As part of this, we are currently updating members’ contact details to ensure we send you the most relevant industry updates for your business.

Receiving our communications also gives you the best opportunity to influence the CLA’s view on future policy direction, and ensures that we remain effective guardians of landowner rights, the rural economy and way of life into the future.

If you have family members or work colleagues who you believe should be receiving our emails updates, event invitations and magazine, then please let us know. This may be people who are interested in the CLA Women’s Network for example, or the CLA’s Next Generation work.

Please email with the name, address, postcode, phone numbers and email for the additional member. We will also need to know the connection they have to you.