Horse riders wanted to help Essex Police protect rural communities

Could you be an extra pair of eyes to help police?
EHRVS pic Rochford district - DO NOT USE ELSEWHERE

Essex Police is looking for horse riders who are keen to protect the county’s rural communities and its heritage and help to keep them safe.

If you want to be an extra pair of eyes and ears in the countryside, you can join the Essex Horse Rider Volunteer Scheme.

Riders have a unique vantage point and regularly use bridleways and narrow country lanes that are not easily accessible by vehicles. So, they are well-placed to spot when something doesn’t seem right or if something has changed.

The scheme has been running successfully in Uttlesford for the past year and now it is expanding across the county.

The police are keen to hear information about any crimes or anti-social behaviour in rural communities. It helps them to build a picture of criminal activity so they can best target resources and find solutions.

Each new volunteer will receive a visit from a rural engagement officer who will explain what to look out for and how to report information. They will also be signed up to the police Heritage Watch and Farm & Rural Watch schemes and receive weekly reports about relevant crimes in their area.

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The force will also be hosting regular online sessions, visiting stables and organising tackle-stamping sessions.