East Anglia GREEN latest

The Electricity System Operator is to review offshore options

Responding to news that the Electricity System Operator is to review "offshore routes” for electricity transmission as part of the East Anglia GREEN proposals, CLA East Director Cath Crowther said:

"In our consultation response, we raised concerns that the presentation of this proposed overland route for consultation did not adequately consider an option for an undersea cable route. Therefore, it is encouraging to see this feedback has been listened to and we will continue to monitor the progress of these proposals closely.

"We recognise the need for the electricity supply network to be reinforced, given that with new nuclear, offshore wind, and interconnectors, generation will greatly exceed the capacity of the network.

"However, this project will have a considerable adverse visual impact on the landscape and on property values along the route and on some distance either side of it, and will cause significant local disruption during construction. It is only right that an offshore option is given full consideration.

“There are numerous other grid connections happening and proposed, both underground and overhead, across the East in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and elsewhere related to new offshore wind projects. A review of the viability and feasibility of a more coordinated offshore option to future proof new offshore wind capacity coming online makes sense.”

East Anglia GREEN is the National Grid proposal to reinforce the electricity grid to cope with rising electricity output – especially from offshore wind. For more information visit: https://www.nationalgrid.com/electricity-transmission/network-and-infrastructure/infrastructure-projects/east-anglia-green