CLA Blog: East Anglia GREEN proposals

CLA East Surveyor Alison Provis provides an overview of this proposed major project in the region

National Grid recently held a consultation for its plan for the East Anglia Green Energy Enablement (GREEN) project. The proposal is to build a new high voltage network reinforcement between Norwich, Bramford and Tilbury.

The plans, that were out for consultation until mid-June, have raised concerns amongst a number of farming and landowning members who are worried about the potential impact of the new National Grid project, involving the construction of a new electricity transmission line.

The CLA has responded to the consultation and believes that alternatives to intrusive overhead pylons have not been adequately considered by National Grid.

In addition to responding to the consultation, we have written to all affected MPs and are in contact with Rosie Pearson of the Essex Suffolk Norfolk Pylons Action Group.

We also held a roundtable discussion at the Royal Norfolk Show at the end of June with Andrew Shirley, the CLA’s Chief Surveyor where we heard from members about the impact the proposals would have on their livelihoods.

Whilst the East Anglia GREEN project is a regional issue, it is clear from our many discussions with members and affected MPs that the scheme will impact on a significant area with many members affected. We are therefore working closely with colleagues in London to raise the issue at a national level and are seeking to establish a CLA Working Group for those members affected and work with other organisations to present one united voice.

If you would like to join the CLA’s East Anglia GREEN Working Group, please contact CLA East Regional Surveyor Alison Provis by email: or call 01638 590429.