Case Study: How the CLA can help you and your rural business

Box End Park called on support from the CLA during the Covid-19 pandemic
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Watersports facilities at Box End Park

Box End Park is a family run business and agricultural diversification project in Bedfordshire. Occupying a 100 acre site, it has been transformed from arable land in 2002 into stunning parkland with a thriving hospitality and leisure development.

James Barbour, owner of Box End Park, contacted the CLA to seek guidance and advice on a number of business continuity matters that arose due to Covid-19.

We have sought advice from the CLA previously on a range of topics from difficulties with broadband to solar energy. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit there were a number of challenges we faced in terms of business continuity. The CLA was our obvious first step in seeking advice on how to tackle them as we have always found their team to be a great support in helping us navigate the challenges we face as a rural business.”

James Barbour - Box End Park