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A guest blog from Norfolk CLA members Sworders on solar potential
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James Watchorn, Director, Sworders

Energy and the ever-rising cost of it has now been forced to the forefront of our minds following the global energy crisis.

It is more important than ever for estates and farming businesses to understand what their energy costs are. It is also an ideal opportunity for estates to start considering how energy costs can be mitigated for the estate and their tenants. This however could subsequently present new opportunities.

CLA members Sworders have helped a number of their clients consider these opportunities as part of a wider conversation about diversification.

Many landowners often receive speculative letters from solar developers identifying the potential opportunity in their land. However, it is important for estates and landowners to understand the true potential and more importantly keep control of the process to ensure the wider estate objectives are considered and assets are protected.

Sworders have been working with a solar promoter who allows the landowner to benefit financially from the solar scheme and retain control of the process, including applying to the grid for connection and capacity costs. This also allows the scheme to be delivered in partnership. In turn, this provides the catalysts to unlock potential new projects, such as vertical farming linked to the new solar farm, or alternatively, roadside electric vehicle (EV) schemes, if the location lends itself to this.

Smaller energy schemes allow landlords to sell power to their commercial and residential tenants, both mitigating the rising costs of energy, but also providing a new income stream to the Estate for the longer term.

At Sworders we consider an energy audit is often a good way to start this process. If you would like further information, contact us to find out more.