Biodiversity Unit Finder

Opportunity for landowners to reach potential buyers through an independent and free register

Biodiversity Net (BNG) will become mandatory for housebuilding and other developments from January 2024. While much of the BNG will be placed on-site, there is an opportunity for landowners and managers to create off-site biodiversity units for sale to the developers.

There is currently concern from developers that there is no easy way to find landowners and managers who have biodiversity units or are interested in providing them in the future. To address this, the CLA is working with the Future Homes Hub to create a free and independent online register of biodiversity units by Local Planning Authority or National Character Area. The Future Homes Hub membership represents the majority of homebuilding in England.

The Biodiversity Unit Finder is a valuable service for landowners and managers who have already created, or plan to create off-site biodiversity units, and would like to link with potential buyers. Registration of BNG sites will enable homebuilders to contact local landowners to discuss potential agreements.

The Biodiversity Unit Finder is now live, and we would like to invite you to register any land that already has biodiversity units available, land being managed to create biodiversity units, or prospective land for BNG, on the tracker. This will enable homebuilders to contact local landowners to discuss potential agreements.

The tool consists of two parts:

  1. A contact and information form for landowners
  2. An anonymised unit finder map for developers in the Future Homes Hub

The landowner form captures contact information and general information about each biodiversity project, type of biodiversity unit and their stage of development. This information will be used to inform the Biodiversity Unit Finder map which will be made available to Future Homes Hub members to search by location and type of BNG opportunity. They will then be able to contact the landowner to discuss projects. The Future Homes Hub will also receive a copy of any messages sent through the contact form.

If you would like to add your available biodiversity units, projects in development, or prospective land to the register click here to add your units to the Biodiversity Unit Finder Map. Or click here to find out more about the Biodiversity Unit Finder.

All land registrations are subject to the data agreement set out in the form. As the tool is still in the development phase, you may be contacted by Future Homes Hub for your feedback on the registration process