Timely opening of Biomass Centre in Llandeilo

02 April 2014

The launch of the domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI) means that the opening of Biofutures Ltd based outside Llandeilo could not have arrived at a better time.

New CLA member Kedrick Davies is the MD of the renewable energy company which he set up in 2006 and he has taken advantage of the Redundant Rural Buildings Grant which has enabled him to convert an old derelict barn at his home and turn it into a wonderful cedar-clad building which is now the office and showroom for the biomass business demonstrating an array of different sized systems.

“Finding a new use for an old redundant farm building and converting it into a renewable energy business centre, creating new jobs is surely what rural enterprise is all about,” says Mr Davies, who believes that after numerous consultations the domestic renewable heat incentive is a robust scheme which will allow the larger listed properties the opportunity of heating their houses both in a sustainable and affordable way.

But he points out that the initial outlay is greater than if you are just replacing an oil boiler. “You really do have to look at the whole picture at what a biomass installation consists of. It’s a complex system with flues and pipes, accumulator tanks, silos etc which means it can’t be compared with your old boiler system. 

“But by putting all the financials in place with today’s news which attracts a seven-year payback it means that you can justify the spend better than ever before and enjoy your property much more comfortably and of course be protected from the constant fossil fuel rises,” he adds.

The RHI scheme is index linked with payments for domestic biomass of 12.2p/kWh. This figure is then multiplied by the deemed heat requirement of the property. For example if the heat demand of your house is 30,000 kWh per year: 30,000 x 12.2 = £3,660 payment/year. This, over seven years, means £25,620 plus indexation (RPI) and fuel savings.

If the cost of the system is approximately £16,000, it will take three to four years to pay back.

Biofutures Ltd is a UK distributor for Biotech - an Austrian biomass manufacturer, Palazzetti  - an Italian manufacturer and Ekopower from Denmark.  Biofutures have installed pellet, wood-chip and log fuelled systems depending on customer demand/lifestyle. 

Biofutures Ltd is no stranger to the biomass market with district heating systems already in place on over 100 properties across Mid and South Wales.

For more information on this press release please contact Nick Cater at Biofutures Ltd on 01558 824100 or visit: www.biofutures.co.uk or contact CLA press and communications manager Catherine Hughes on 07815 103855 or catherine.hughes@cla.org.uk