CLA Cymru warns log pod and shepherd hut owners to be aware of planning regs

27 August 2014

With the rise of glamping throughout Wales, there is confusion over the planning regulations around certain structures such as log pods and shepherd huts.

Chartered Surveyor Charles de Winton comments: “If the log pods or shepherd’s hut are being used for commercial camping it is irrelevant if the chattels are on skids, wheels, stilts etc; the important point is that there is a change of use of the land under the chattel taking place,” he says, explaining that once the land changes for commercial holiday accommodation use, planning permission is required.

Caravans, which are chattels-i.e. tangible moveable property-  requires a caravan site licence under the 1960 Act, explains Mr de Winton, who stressed that such a licence can only be issued if planning permission has been given. “This may also apply to log pods and shepherd huts too,” he adds.

“Although the 28 day rule may apply as long as the landowner can comply with the rules and regs under GPDO Part 4 Class B, caution must be applied if they are permanently sited which may mean planning permission is sought.

Although different authorities will be slightly different, Mr de Winton warns that advice is needed before assuming that because these structures are moveable planning permission is not needed. As with caravans we must remember that it is the use one makes of a caravan, and the use of the land on which the caravan stands, which is subject to planning control.

“Although you could argue that if you treat the ground like a tent, in other words erect on site and then dismantle it or in this case tow the structures away this may not require planning permission.  Check with your local planning authority before pursuing this diversification.”