30 September 2014

CLA South East has welcomed news that Hampshire County Council has banned the use of sky lanterns on Council-owned land with immediate effect, and that the Council is urging schools and other local authorities in the county to now follow suit.

Cllr Perry, the Leader of the Council, agreed the recommendation on Friday 26 September 2014 that the use of sky lanterns on County Council owned property be barred with immediate effect. 

The CLA has been campaigning for a nationwide ban on sky lanterns for two years. It has previously called for local authorities to amend Entertainment Licence policy so new licences for certain venues or events can include a clause prohibiting the use of sky lanterns, and suggested this was backed up by a ban on council-owned land.

Robin Edwards, CLA Director South East, said: “Hampshire County Council should be commended for this ban on sky lanterns on all County Council property in recognition of the risks that lanterns present and the damage they have caused. This is a real step forwards in reducing the threat they pose to livestock, the environment, property and people in Hampshire. Now we need others in the county, and throughout the south east region, to follow suit.

“We have campaigned for a long time to raise the awareness of the dangers of sky lanterns. People need to realise that if they release one of these lanterns into the sky they risk being responsible for the slow and very painful death of a cow or other grazing livestock, or a fire that destroys someone’s home, business or life. Sky lanterns represent a wholly avoidable risk to property, woodland, crops and livestock – launching a naked flame into the night sky, over which there is no control, is reckless. 

“The CLA will be continuing its work at a national level lobbying for a Parliamentary Debate on the issue.”