CLA South East backs government advice not to use sky lanterns on Bonfire Night

28 October 2014

CLA South East has backed new Government guidance that recommends members of the public do not release sky lanterns during Bonfire Night celebrations. 

The guidance from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) provides practical advice and safety tips for bonfire night. It advises the public not to use sky lanterns because of the risk to animals, littering in the countryside, and starting fires.  

The CLA, which represents landowners, farmers and rural businesses, has been campaigning for many years on the dangers posed by sky lanterns.

CLA Director South East Robin Edwards said: “It is very good news that the Government is now starting to recognise the dangers of sky lanterns and we hope that eventually this will lead to an outright ban.

“This is a problem that must be taken seriously. Anyone that releases one of these lanterns into the sky risks being responsible for the slow and very painful death of a cow or other grazing livestock, or a fire that destroys someone’s home, business or life.

“Many of the local authorities we have written to as part of our campaign are now banning the use of them on their own land because they understand the issues. Sky lanterns represent a wholly avoidable risk to property, woodland, crops and livestock – launching a naked flame, over which there is no control, into the night sky is reckless.” 

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