CLA says Isle of Wight food production must be safeguarded

29 April 2014

Welcoming a new Isle of Wight food and drink accreditation scheme, the CLA has emphasized the importance of safeguarding food production on the island.

The Wight Marque was launched at the Cowes Food Show on 27 April 2014 by the Royal Isle of Wight Agricultural Society and is part sponsored by Red Funnel.

Belinda Walters, CLA Director Isle of Wight, said: “The CLA welcomes the launch of the Wight Marque and the potential benefits of the new scheme for rural landowners and businesses.  CLA members on the Isle of Wight produce and sell fantastic food and drink from vegetables and meats to cheeses and wines, and of course garlic. The Wight Marque will help encourage widespread recognition of the high quality of Isle of Wight food.

“Initiatives such as the Wight Marque showing the provenance of food can help consumers to re-connect with the land and how food is produced, as well as to recognise the importance of local food production.   It will also help to encourage local businesses throughout the food chain to work together; by supporting local businesses the Island’s economy is helped. 

“Farming and food production are central to the Isle of Wight economy, and the CLA is working to support and protect these industries wherever possible.  It is critical that local authorities and the rural community work together to ensure that food producers have a safe future. 

“Key priorities for the CLA on the Isle of Wight include our campaigns for farmers to have reliable access to water supplies safeguarded for the future; for crops and animals to have the best possible protection from invasive diseases; and for farmers across the UK to receive a fair deal from Europe.”