“Pothole season” begins as freezing weather breaks up roads

25 October 2013

Rural business watchdog the CLA is urging motorists to be vigilant on the roads as the freezing weather approaches.

The CLA is reminding drivers, especially those travelling in rural areas, to watch out for potholes in order to avoid a hefty repair bill. As the wet weather makes way for freezing conditions the start of this winter's "pothole season" commences.

Every year when temperatures first drop below zero, water freezes in small cracks and holes in the road. As it freezes, it expands and breaks apart the surface, then melts in the daytime and repeats the process the following night in a cycle that allows craters to get bigger and bigger.

CLA South East Director Robin Edwards said: "As soon as the first cold weather hits the UK every year, there is a spike in the number of people either reporting potholes they've seen or claiming compensation because they've damaged their car on poor roads.

"As the cold weather sets in, not only will more holes be created but it will move council staff from repairs to gritting duties, so potholes will appear faster than they get fixed.

"The only way to avoid damaging your car is to be on the lookout."