CLA response to a revised draft of the New Forest National Park Management Plan

The CLA has responded to the revised draft of the New Forest National Park Management Plan, which includes proposed actions for 2015 - 2020.  Consultation on the latest draft closed on 22 June 2015.

The CLA's response to the revised draft of the New Forest National Park Management Plan is as follows:

National Park Management Plan update - Revised draft

1. Comments on the introductory pages (pages 3-9)?  The CLA has no comments

2. Comments on Chapter 3 - Achievements over the last five years (pages 10-13) The CLA has no comments

3. Comments on Chapter 4 - Important recent changes affecting the National Park (pages 14-18) The CLA has no comments

4. Comments on Chapter 5 - Priority actions for 2015-20? (pages 19-36)

  •  CLA are pleased to see that woodland managers have been included into LM1
  • Clarification of LM5 – 2000ha of woodland in management – where?
  • LD1 and LD5 - CLA understands the importance of historic buildings and the preservation and enhancement of these buildings should be encouraged. However, heritage is very expensive to maintain therefore such objectives (LD5) will not succeed unless there is economic viability. Conservation of the historic environment is not preservation as found; it is the process of enabling appropriate change to give the historic environment a sustainable future. Therefore, policies must state unequivocally (as PPG 15 does nationally) that economically-effective uses and the properly-considered changes needed to achieve them are essential and beneficial if heritage is to survive into long term. We hope this is reflected in the planning consultation process.
  • CC6 – CLA would like clarification where the identified flood defence works are and what will they be protecting?
  • LC5 – CLA would like this to include the re-use of redundant farm buildings.
  • TT1 – not to the detriment of rural businesses for delivery and collections or just normal day-to-day farm use

5. Other general comments on the revised Plan
CLA broadly supports the revised draft and commend the consultation process undertaken so far. CLA has revised the amended management plan and acknowledge some of our comments which have been included in this revised draft.
The CLA believes that a diverse sustainable economy providing jobs and opportunities is absolutely essential to the success of the National Park. The economy and jobs do not necessarily need to have a link with the “special qualities” to make a positive contribution. The plan must recognise, especially for landed businesses that the greater profitability within that business the more is likely to be spent on environmentally beneficial projects.
The support of the Park in these diversification is in line with Government Guidance provided in PPS7. These businesses have moved from their traditional roots and are very much rural enterprises.

Megan Cameron,  Rural Advisor
CLA, Hiknield House, East Anton Court, Ickenield Way, Andover, SP10 5RG


Details of the New Forest National Park management plan cn be found here