Plea to extend flood funding to farmers

29 December 2015

The CLA in the North is urging the Government to extend flood relief funding to farms in Yorkshire.

In the wake of Storm Desmond at the beginning of December, a Farming Recovery Fund was put in place to help farmers in Cumbria, Northumberland and North Lancashire.

Now, following the extensive damage to agricultural land around Yorkshire caused by Storm Eva on 26 and 27 December, the CLA is calling on Defra to extend the programme.

CLA North Regional Director Dorothy Fairburn said: “The Government has already announced support for homes and businesses in Yorkshire to match that available in Cumbria and Lancashire and we believe similar support should be extended to farmers in Yorkshire affected by recent flooding.

“The past 12 months have been a difficult time for farmers in the region with pressure on milk prices, lamb prices and other commodities. This final sting in the tail at the end of the year will put further pressure on finances, which is why support is urgently needed now.”

The CLA is also urging farmers to take photographs of all the damage to their land and property, prior to clearing up.

Miss Fairburn added: “The most important message is to take lots of photographs, ideally with the date and time marked on them, as a record of the flood damage. This will be needed for insurance claims as well as for Farming Recovery Fund applications.”