Tesco to stop selling sky lanterns: CLA Midlands Comment

30 January 2014

Commenting on news that following months of lobbying by the Farmers Guardian and supporters of its Say No to Sky Lanterns campaign, supermarket giant Tesco has promised to pull the dangerous products off its shelves for good, CLA Midlands Rural Adviser Donna Tavernor said:

“Anyone who owns land or property, in town or countryside, should be delighted with the news that Tesco is the latest high profile retailer to act on public opinion by deciding to stop selling sky lanterns.

“The Say No to Sky Lanterns campaign has the support of the industry and many organisations including the CLA, who have been lobbying against these airborne incendiaries.

“The dangers to land, property and livestock are well documented, and until the UK follows other countries by putting a nationwide ban in place, voluntary self-regulation is to be welcomed.”

The Farmers Guardian report can be found here