CLA urges landowners not to allow sky lantern use on Bonfire Night

26 November 2013

The CLA is urging all landowners - public and private - not to allow the use of sky lanterns on their property this Bonfire Night.

The Association said the lanterns are little more than uncontrolled flying bonfires and put livestock, crops and buildings at risk.

CLA Midlands Rural Adviser Donna Tavernor said: "Sky lanterns, which are also known as Chinese lanterns, have become increasingly popular around this time of year. However, it is impossible to predict where they will land, being capable of travelling for miles at the mercy of the wind.


"The CLA is therefore asking its members not to allow them to be used on their land or at their events and venues, and would also urge the public not to use them.

"Those landing in fields pose the risk of serious injury and death to livestock which have been known to ingest the abandoned frames, whether wire or bamboo, and suffer tremendously as a result.

"But the biggest risk is posed by fire. There is also no guarantee the flame will have extinguished before it lands, potentially triggering a blaze that could destroys crops, forestry and buildings.

"Until lanterns are banned, we will continue to discourage their use."