CLA says ignore Sky Lantern safety advice: just don’t do it.

26 November 2013

CLA Midlands says that guidance on the safe use of Sky lanterns issued by Defra is resulting in mixed messages. The Association is concerned that it could mean people believing there are occasions when it could be safe to release uncontrolled naked flames into the countryside.

The guidance says that sky lanterns should only be used 'in an open space, away from farm land, trees, buildings, coastal areas and airports.'

CLA Midlands regional director Caroline Bedell said: "Some manufacturers claim that their lanterns fly for up to 15 miles. With such a range, it is impossible to find anywhere in the UK that fits Defra's safety criteria.

"If this guidance is followed to the letter, it effectively precludes their use in any circumstances, but implies otherwise.

"The guidance also suggests that lanterns without metal frames are safe. This is not the case. Bamboo can be just as harmful to animals if ingested by livestock, wildlife or pets."

"We should be clear about this. I cannot think of any circumstances where it is safe to launch these flying bonfires, whether over town or countryside. 

"That is why the CLA has called for a ban on their use, and that is why we are asking our members not to allow their use on their land."

Defra's "5 steps to sky lantern safety can be found at"