CLA applauds Minister’s calls to buy British

07 January 2014

Environment minister Owen Paterson has said that consumers should buy British fruit and vegetables to benefit the economy and urged people to think about where their produce is from.

CLA Midlands Rural Adviser Donna Tavernor commented: “Mr Paterson is right to highlight the major issue of buying British at a key time for the economy.

“Last month’s CLA/Smiths Gore Rural Economy Index showed that the rural economy is firmly in recovery as growth and confidence has spread from non-farming businesses to the farming sector.

“A small shift in consumers’ buying habits - for all types of food - now will make a huge difference to economic recovery across the board and will particularly benefit rural areas.

“We have long encouraged people to ‘just ask’ where their food comes from and to choose locally-produced, seasonal food. The advantages, as Mr Paterson underlined, are more than financial, benefitting health, the environment and supporting the high welfare standards employed by our livestock industry.”

The latest CLA Smiths Gore Rural Economy Index can be found here

Information on the CLA’s Food Chain Initiative and its ‘Just Ask’ campaign can be found here