Ask your candidates ‘What will EU do for the countryside?’ says CLA

20 May 2014

The CLA is asking rural voters to quiz their MEP candidates on the issues that matter. It is also stressing the importance of voting in Thursday’s European Elections.

To help voters and candidates, the Association - which represents the interests of farmers, landowners and rural businesses across the region - has set out its vision for rural policy in a European manifesto which has been sent to all Midlands candidates ahead of Thursday’s poll.

In Enabling the Countryside to Thrivethe CLA makes practical recommendations to improve the rural economy in three areas: prosperous rural business, innovative food and fibre production, and proactive support for the environment.

CLA Midlands regional director Caroline Bedell said: “Other than the weather, one of the most common complaints I hear is how Europe interferes in peoples’ lives and business, yet how many will be voting, or even know their MEPs are?

“When the elections are over, we will be engaging with all existing and new MEPs, and I would urge that people as individuals do so as well. After all, if you don’t vote, you cannot argue with the outcome.”

You can read the CLA Manifesto on the CLA Midlands Website