How to join CLA Midlands

29 July 2014

CLA membership is growing as more people realise the benefits of becoming a member of the only organisation dedicated to safeguarding the interests of those responsible for rural land, property and business.

As a member you’ll already appreciate the information, advice and support you receive, as well as the range of social and professional events, and the lobbying we carry out on your behalf.

Our strength is our membership, and the stronger the membership, the greater influence we carry, and the greater the benefits you receive.

If you know anyone who would benefit from CLA membership, it’s easy for them to join.....

Tell us about them.

If you would like us to approach them directly, simply drop an email to, call Stuart or Amy on 01785 337005 with some contact details and we’ll do the rest. If we can mention your name so much the better, but if you’d rather we didn’t just let us know.  

Join Online
Send them this link This will take them directly to the membership form, which can be used for landowners, business and professionals, student or friend memberships. If they own over 250 acres, then ask them to contact the office on 01785 337005 and we can apply the best type of membership, and most appropriate subscription rate.

Join over the phone
Simply ask your friend to call 01785 337005 and we can advise on subscription rates and the most convenient way of paying.

Ask for a visit
We’re always happy to visit a prospective member (you’re welcome to come along too) and explain the benefits that apply in particular circumstances. Simply contact the membership team on 01785 337010 or to arrange a suitable time.

To contact us:

Call 01795 337005
Fax 01785 284733
twitter: @clamidlands