Yagro is a free input purchasing platform for farms to help them manage their costs and boost their profitability.

Yagro connects farms confidentially with their suppliers, enabling them to request quotes and place orders online. The visibility and control offered by Yagro means farmers can make informed purchasing decisions and secure the best deals for their businesses.

Farms in the UK spend over £12bn every year on their inputs, with the majority still relying on manual paper-based office systems and phone, fax or email to manage their purchasing. Yagro’s advanced digital technology offers a more streamlined, efficient and faster way of procuring essential farm supplies with less hassle for the busy farm manager.

Dan Jolly, co-founder at Yagro, said:

“The Yagro platform is cloud based, accessible anywhere, on any device. In just a few clicks farmers can send requests to their suppliers, compare quotes and place orders. From their dashboard, they can manage these orders, view expected deliveries, monitor their spend and access powerful analytics and data insight for their business.

“Yagro has been working with a select group for farmers to refine and perfect the technology since March 2016. We launched to farms across the UK in November last year and have been growing rapidly since then, with farms on the platform now representing over £60m of core arable input spend.”

For further information about Yagro visit www.yagro.co.uk or email dj@yagro.co.uk