White's Recycling Ltd

Leading waste management company Whites Recycling Ltd specialises in the transport and land spreading of nutrient-rich liquid waste materials on to agricultural land.

The company has over 30 years’ experience in the industry, and processes wastes from the food and drinks industry as well as Anaerobic Digestate. All materials are approved for use in agriculture by the Environment Agency and provide tangible benefits to land and growing crops.

“This operation has a number of benefits in general, including a considerable reduction in the tonnage of wastes going into landfill and a reduction in the usage of artificial bagged fertiliser – a finite resource,” says Whites Recycling’s Alan Curtis. “A considerable saving in fertiliser costs is one of the benefits to the farmer and landowner.

“A wide range of nutrients are supplied, these range from nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, through micro nutrients to trace elements. All products are organic in origin and have the effect of increasing the organic matter content in the soil, with all the associated benefits of improved structure and better moisture retention.”

A developing part of Whites’ business is the provision of on-farm liquid storage facilities. These range from small mobile tanks holding 60 tonnes, up to purpose-built 20,000-tonne Storage Lagoons, which are operated under environmental permits.

“We manage the whole process, from obtaining the necessary permissions, through building the infrastructure, to controlling the storage and spreading operation,” explains Alan. “Spreading wastes to land is an operation that requires the correct field conditions and these facilities allow us to avoid adverse weather conditions and therefore achieve optimum field results.

“We have developed partnerships with farmers and landowners, using these storage facilities and spreading the uniform mixed material, to mutual advantage. As a growing business we are actively seeking partners for the future.”

For further information, contact Alan on 01572 767177 or email Alan@whitesrecycling.co.uk.