TMV Pest Control

A new Louth-based pest control company is offering free rabbit and bird control services to customers who sign-up for a monthly or annual rodenticide contract.

Shaun Betteridge has launched TMV Pest Control after experience of working on farms dealing with vermin, and is now offering services to CLA members with residential, agricultural and commercial properties, and land in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

“I’ve been thinking of launching my own company some time now,” Shaun said. “I’ve worked on farms for over 15 years dealing with rabbit and birds, but I can also offer a wide range of other services too.

“Not only I can deal with rats, mice, moles, wasps and bees, but I can also help with problems surrounding urban foxes, pigeons, and seagull problems too.

“A lot of pest controllers charge individually, but I will charge for rodenticide on monthly or yearly contracts, but rabbit and bird control will be free and there will be free call-outs too.

“I provide a friendly, discreet professional service, and I’m committed to the preservation of the countryside and sympathetic to the needs of the local community.

“I favour the more traditional methods of pest control, where possible limiting the use of chemicals and rodenticides, which is far safer for the environment. Also, many customers don’t want people shooting around their sites, especially with many agricultural buildings now having solar panels on their roofs for example.

“I specialise in ferreting for the reduction or elimination of rabbits, trapping and bird proofing of buildings, and using the latest, innovative Killgerm Chemicals products.

“We also have a fully qualified falconer who can use everything from barn owls up to golden eagles, which he has used on foxes at night during lambing season where shooting is not an option.”

For further information, call Shaun on 07495402503 or email