Proctor & Associates

Lincolnshire-based Proctor & Associates work as business development partners in the fresh produce supply chain, championing growers with the aim of giving them back as much value as possible for their produce.

They supply a full range of seasonal UK fruit, salad and vegetables throughout the year to supermarkets, as well as a full range of flowers, plants and bulbs.

The business has been running for 15 years, with managing director Deane Proctor working in the agricultural industry since he left school – with experience of working in fields through to high-level roles in producer organisations.

“Our business is to champion small- and medium-sized farm businesses,” he explains. “Established businesses already employ someone to market and sell their goods, whereas smaller producers can partner with us to sell their product and remove a number of headaches.

“It’s a business that works in a cooperative partnership with growers, but is fair and designed to get as much money back to them as possible while still meeting the needs of the customer. And we get our value by doing a good job for both.

“We’re involved with dealing with retailers – their footfall is growing as is their demand for product. Retailers offer value to the consumer and a tremendous opportunity to growers.

“Our skills include understanding the supply chain and how to deliver value to the primary producer.

“In most cases, farmers or landowners will have to send their product offsite to be processed or packaged. Our model is to work with the farmer and put production on the farm, which is unusual in the industry. This not only benefits him and the consumer, but also can help dramatically change the whole rural economy for the better.

“My model is based on getting as much money back to the farmer, so they can invest on site, by empowering them to be responsible for creating a shelf-ready product. We ensure there are no distractions for them, they can concentrate on what they are good at – farming.

“If a landowner or farmer is worried about where they are going to sell their product or want to get into intensive production, it is worth giving me a ring.”

To contact Deane, call 07717 688 458 or email Alternatively contact George Proctor, call 07770 575 857 or email

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