Cut N Clear Ltd

Cut N Clear Ltd provides landowners with woodland management services and plans, tree planting and surgery, and assistance with grant scheme applications.

The family-run business has been established for over 10 years and operates from Grantham, Lincolnshire, and offers a no-obligation visit to discuss projects.

“We pride ourselves not only on our competitive prices, but also combining quality and creativity to suit all requirements,” explains company director Christine Stewart.

“We always have conservation in mind when conducting our business. Animal biodiversity within woodland is to a great degree dependent on the variety of plants other than trees growing within the woodland, so we try to minimise our impact on the environment and focus on protecting wildlife

“It is our policy to advise our clients on the best management for their project and respect nesting birds and local wildlife.”

The business offers a number of services including: felling and removal; forestry mulching; SSSI coppicing; chemical weed control; fencing; commercial and residential landscaping; vegetation clearance; wildflower meadow maintenance; pest control; and all aspects of deer management.

“Whether they are destroying your crops, trees or decimating your gardens we can provide a safe, humane, fully insured service to landowners,” says Christine. “We can visit and create a deer management plan to suit your requirements.”

The business prides itself on low-impact forestry and uses specialist equipment and vehicles in order to achieve this.

“The trailer gives better mobility when working between narrow rows of trees,” explains Christine. “These trailers have a very clever 4WD system, which goes almost anywhere even in wet conditions without causing soil compaction. It is very low impact on environmentally sensitive sites and brilliant in inaccessible woodland and forest.”

For further information about the business or to discuss a potential project, call Christine Stewart on 01476 591378 or email