Agrifab designs and builds bespoke agricultural equipment for farmers, landowners and other rural business owners, as well as modifying and repairing existing equipment.

The Norfolk-based business offers an onsite service for welding aluminium and stainless steel, and will take on a wide variety of projects for people all over the country.

It was formed a year ago to deal with the wide variety of project requests that were being made to its parent company Agrikel, which predominantly deals with sprayer repairs, MOTs, and breakdowns.

“Were currently working on modifications to equipment for many Premiership football clubs,” says Agrifab company director Simon Leske. “Projects can vary greatly from helping to add extra capacity or width to sprayers, coming up with solutions for small amenity sprayers, and even ménage levellers for towing behind quads.

“We've worked on machinery modifcations for various crop  research facilities, building scratch-built plot seed drills.

“It’s not just large companies; we help a wide variety of people who want a specific piece of machinery to be built. The customer will pass on all the dimensions and leave it with us, confident that we can deliver exactly what is required. Yet it’s also the case that can help take a vague idea of what’s required and take it forward into design and production.

“We can also build bowsers, trailers, and garage doors to order – we’ve even worked on fabricating a set of garden stairs for one of our clients. We can pretty much take on anything, including repairs – most recently we’ve worked on making good some digger buckets.”

For further information about Agrifab call Simon on 01953 665065 or email