Institutional Landowner

If you manage land on behalf of an institution you should be a member of CLA

The CLA Institutional Landowners Group (ILG) includes the foremost rural land and property owning organisations in the country. It provides a unique forum for institutions who own land to share best practice.

What you, and your institution, get as a member

As an ILG member you will:
  • receive invitations to exclusive ILG meetings – members meet three times a year, including a visit to an ILG member’s estate or business;
  • learn what CLA and other organisations are doing;
  • be kept up to date on changes in statute, policy and practical implications and benefit from CLA expertise on emerging issues;


  • be able to feed into CLA policy formation and gain a clear voice in Westminster and Cardiff;
  • be able to use the CLA’s impartial advice to complement your own professional advisers.

How we can help you

ILG membership can help your institution to retain and develop its land and property assets.

Areas of interest include the following:

  • landowners’ property rights;
  • landlord/tenant relations and tenancy reform;
  • the rural economy;
  • the planning system – legislation and policy;
  • compulsory purchase legislation;
  • agriculture and forestry;
  • property law;
  • rural and affordable housing.

Who should be a member of ILG?

  • schools, colleges and universities
  • mineral companies
  • utility companies
  • local authorities
  • diocesan boards of finance
  • charitable institutions
  • financial institutions

How to join ILG

Membership subscriptions are scaled according to acreage. Institutions in membership can send an appointed representative (either from the institution or a representing agent) to ILG meetings. To find out more, or to set up a meeting to discuss how membership of the CLA and its Institutional Landowners Group can benefit your institution, please contact Samantha Mitchell by phone on 020 7460 7935 or email