CLA membership has never been so vital

The referendum decision to leave the European Union (EU) will result in greater changes to the rural economy than any decision taken in the past 40 years. What impact will this have on you? Whether you are a farmer, a landowner, a professional working in the rural community or a rural business owner, you will be affected. CLA can help.

As our political leaders negotiate the next steps, our advice and guidance will give you the vital support you need to manage your land and business. Our leadership and influence will give you the reassurance that your interests are being protected.

How does CLA membership help you and your business?

If you own rural land we can give you the help and support you need in these uncertain times to ensure your business remains profitable.

1. We will fight for your business and fair trade post Brexit

Before the referendum we set out what we expected politicians to commit to in the event of a result to leave the EU. We received public assurances about ongoing financial support for farming, the reduction of red tape and the need to secure a fair trade deal for our commodity exports. The CLA will hold politicians of all parties to account, in both Westminster and the Welsh Assembly, to keep to those promises.

2. We will be a trusted, independent and authoritative voice during a period of insecurity

Securing a world-leading food, farming and environmental policy that works for rural communities is our focus as we work to achieve a prosperous rural economy which has landownership at its heart. Our continued success in influencing decision-makers will give you the security and certainty you need to invest in your land, property and business interests.

3. We will give you accurate facts and unbiased advice

Throughout the Brexit process our advisers will provide regular updates and analysis. You can be confident that political decisions that affect your business will be explained and you will receive advice and guidance on what you can do to prepare for the changes ahead.

4. We will help you achieve your ambitions and future projects

CLA members create an important and robust network you can depend on in these uncertain times. Membership gives you the chance to extend your contacts, share ideas and best practice, and make valuable new connections with people who can help you succeed with your projects.

5. We will help your finances work as hard as your land

As a member you can access services carefully selected to support you. Benefit from a broad range of specialist insurance to protect your land and business assets, save money on health insurance and find out how you can cut your business costs on utilities.


Free advice for members

How can you maximise the potential opportunities of Brexit? Who can help you face the challenges ahead? If you become a member of the CLA you can find out.

You will receive free, independent professional advice and practical information. Our in-house team will keep you up to date on every aspect of your landownership and provide advice on law, taxation, environment, planning and land use. They are experts in their field and there are surveyors and regional advisers throughout the regions to help you at local level.

Typical questions members are asking include the following.

  • What does Brexit mean for my business?
  • Do EU regulations and laws still apply?
  • Will I still get my Basic Payment?
  • When will all the EU red tape be scrapped?
  • Will there be any ongoing support for British agriculture?
  • Should I still be applying for a new Countryside Stewardship agreement?
  • Can I still employ EU seasonal workers?

Find out the answers you need.


Protecting your best interests

The CLA is confident in the ability of farmers and rural businesses to create new opportunities in the future outside the EU. Throughout the referendum campaign we set out the decisions that ministers must make to secure the immediate future of the rural economy in the result of a vote to leave the EU - click here to read our Leave or Remain report. We are now committed to working with Government and organisations from across the rural, environmental and farming sectors to ensure the security of the rural economy. We have already secured some positive assurances from Government on behalf of our members, including a guarantee that certain EU funded schemes will continue to 2020. Nobody is doing more than the CLA to manage the impact on the value of land – both in the short and long term.

Anyone who owns rural land will benefit from joining the CLA

The CLA believes in defending land now and for future generations, whilst supporting its members in running successful, profitable and sustainable businesses. Our members own and manage over half the rural land in England and Wales. They understand that the CLA is the only organisation that is dedicated to looking after their interests and we are justly proud of how loyal our members are. 

Membership subscription is based on the number of acres you own and will be a fraction of the overall value of your land, property and business which your CLA membership protects. Regardless of the number of acres you own, you should join the organisation that protects you.