Basic Payment Scheme

Your land and the Basic Payment Scheme

If you own at least 5 hectares (12.36 acres) you could be eligible to claim under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS). Whether you want to keep up to date with the regulation and new rules or avoid unnecessary penalties – you should be a member of the CLA.

Do you have a current problem?

Many landowners join the CLA to ask for impartial professional advice, to clarify what the rules are and to make better use of their assets. Common areas of concern include:

  • am I eligible to claim BPS?
  • how do I register and submit an application for BPS?
  • what are the livestock regulations under BPS?
  • how can I purchase or transfer entitlements?
  • how can I appeal against a decision?

With over 100 pages of guidance and 24 separate cross compliance regulations, the BPS can be an administrative and bureaucratic burden for landowners. CLA advisers meet regularly with the Rural Payments Agency and can help members by providing up-to-date information on new developments and advising on issues such as:

  • cross compliance requirements
  • on-farm inspections
  • assessment eligibility criteria for BPS 
  • farm business tenancies
  • grazing agreements
  • mapping and land use
  • entitlements

Free advice for members

If you become a member of the CLA you will receive free, independent professional advice – advice which is aimed at achieving the early and successful resolution of any problem you may have and which normally far outweighs your cost of membership. (For many members the annual subscription costs less than one hour of a professional’s time.)

CLA’s in-house team advises on land use, planning, legal and tax matters and our advisers are experts in their field; in addition, there are surveyors and regional advisers throughout the regions to help you at local level.

As well as the advice CLA members can access, the majority of members – whether they own a few acres or a thousand – benefit from our continuous lobbying work to improve the administration and delivery of the Basic Payment Scheme.

Now that the UK has decided to leave the EU, the opportunity exists to establish a world-leading food, farming and environmental policy. This policy will replace the current system provided under the Common Agricultural Policy when the UK formally leaves the EU.  The CLA is engaging with Government on what this new policy should look like including the level and structure of agricultural support ensuring the voice of the rural economy is heard. Our advisers are best placed to provide members with up-to-date information on what changes can be expected.


Protecting your best interests

The CLA is the only organisation working to influence Government solely on behalf of owners of rural land, property and business. There are many other organisations spending millions on lobbying to pursue their own agendas and all landowners, from the smallest acreage to the largest estate, need to act together vigorously to defend our interests. Nobody is doing more than the CLA to manage the impact on the value of land – both in the short and long term.


Anyone who owns rural land will benefit from joining the CLA

We are effective at influencing decision-makers at national and local levels including ensuring that there is a sensible approach to claiming support payments on your land. As a CLA member you can add your voice. In addition, you can receive advice and support that will help protect and enhance your assets.

Whatever the value of your rural land, business and property interests, the CLA subscription represents only a fraction of its true value and is your best insurance for the future.