Rural Professional

If you are a rural professional it is in your interests to be a CLA member

Membership allows you to raise your profile with the key landowning and rural communities and support our lobbying which directly benefits you and your rural clients. We can help you improve your advisory service through access to timely knowledge and specialist expertise, and if your client is also a CLA member you can receive valuable specific advice.

Why you should be a member of the CLA

Access, invaluable, practical knowledge – regular emails, a monthly magazine, exclusive guidance notes and the CLA website allow you to maintain and improve your knowledge base.

Save hours of research time – keep up to date with changes in legislation, not just their likely effect but how the legislation will affect your landowning and rural business clients.

Receive free, specialist advice – supplement your own expert knowledge by calling on our range of highly experienced advisers for generic advice on all aspects of landowning.

Complement your own expertise – if your client is also a CLA member you can get invaluable, case-related advice from our land use, legal and taxation teams thereby giving your clients the best possible service.

Develop new business opportunities – raise your profile and attract new business through our considerable network of local and regional landowners.

Promote yourself and your firm – reach a wide rural audience through the monthly magazine, the CLA Diary and the printed and online versions of the CLA Business Directory.

Meet prospective new clients on neutral ground – exchange views and share experience with other members involved in landowning and rural economic issues.

Cut your costs – specially set up by the CLA to meet the needs of landowners, rural firms and businesses, these services include CLA Insurance, CLA Energy Services and CLA Healthcare.

Gain from a more proactive working environment – the CLA's unique multidisciplinary approach to all aspects of landowning gives you access to a wide range of viewpoints from different professions.

Protect your interests – CLA's effective lobbying activity has a positive effect on our members' assets. This directly benefits you and your rural clients and is highly valuable. Find out how we work to protect your interests.

For all these reasons, it is not surprising that leading rural professionals across England and Wales are members of the CLA. Join the organisation that protects you and your clients.


How we can help you

Some of the areas where we help professional members.

Taxation – the CLA has the leading experts in rural and estate tax.

Planning – the CLA has been instrumental in changing the guidelines.

Employment – including your own firm's employment law compliance.

Occupier’s liability – the CLA is the national authority on land use.

Grants – especially important given the regular changes in grant opportunities.

Field sports – what is and what is not allowed.

Compulsory purchase – as the organisation for owners of rural land and property, this is a key policy area for the CLA.

Renewable energy – the CLA is the independent authority on rural renewables.


What does annual membership cost?

Membership for professionals starts from £514 for a year for up to two members. The subscription is based on the number of individuals within membership, with each member having equal access to valuable benefits.

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a partner in a large national firm, the subscription will be a fraction of the overall value of the advisory and wider service you give to your clients.