Rural business owner

If you run a rural business you should be a member of the CLA

Whether land is a key feature of your business or whether you provide products and services to rural customers, you will benefit from joining the CLA. Our members own and manage around half the rural land in England and Wales and run more than 250 different types of businesses. Membership gives you the opportunity to promote your business to a wide rural audience and to find new customers and suppliers. In addition, membership will demonstrate your support both for the rural sector and CLA's successful lobbying activity which directly benefits you and your customers.

Why you should be a member of the CLA

Access reliable, topical information – regular emails, a monthly magazine, exclusive guidance notes and the CLA website alert you to important issues which have an impact on the rural sector.

Promote your products and services to a wide rural audience – the monthly magazine, CLA diary, and the printed and online versions of the CLA Business Directory provide cost-effective ways to advertise your business.

Make use of a significant rural business network – raise your profile and find new customers through our considerable network of rural land and property owners.

Cut your costs – specially set up by the CLA to meet the needs of land and rural business owners, these services include CLA Insurance, CLA Energy Services and CLA Healthcare.

Share your issues – exchange views and resolve issues with land and rural business owners across England and Wales.

Make valuable connections – access the key landowning and rural communities through unique member events.

Receive free, specialist advice – our national experts, both in London and your own area, can help on business issues as well as all aspects of landownership.

Support your working environment – CLA's effective lobbying activity has a positive effect on our members' assets. This directly benefits all those who work within the rural community and is highly valuable. Find out how we work to protect your interests.

Anyone who runs a rural business will benefit from joining the CLA.


How we can help you

Some typical member issues. CLA advisers can help with all these areas and more.

Contracts – who can help me understand all aspects of contracts including non payment and disputes?

Employment – how can I keep up with the latest changes in employment law? What are my current legal responsibilities?

Occupier’s liability – who can clarify if I am liable for visitors’, employees’ and trespassers’ safety?

Planning – what do I need to bear in mind when applying for planning permission to expand or develop my business?

Compulsory purchase – what are my rights and how can I secure compensation?

Tax – how can I make the most of any reliefs?

Business rates – what are the reliefs and exemptions for agricultural and rural uses?

Inheritance Tax – how can I avoid the threat to my family’s ownership of the business?

Diversification – what areas do I need to consider?


What does annual membership cost?

Membership for rural business owners starts from £514 for a year for up to two members. The subscription is based on the number of individuals within membership, with each member having equal access to valuable benefits.

Whether land is a key feature of your rural business or whether your enterprise provides products and services to rural customers, the subscription will be a fraction of the overall value of your operation.