What other professionals say

"I have found the benefits to be worthwhile. There is so often the need for an up-to-date position in a period of increasing regulation in the rural sector. To be able to call upon the in-house team of specialist advisers is a great assistance and a cost-effective solution for our clients." Lancashire member

"Apart from the high quality publications, there is always a knowledgeable voice at the end of the telephone when help is needed." Essex member

A professional member requested CLA guidance for an estate's commercial shoot - did new partridge rearing sheds need planning permission; and was the rearing of partridge poults for the shoot classed as an agricultural or commercial activity? CLA advisers clarified the case law in both instances and the member was able to give authoritative advice to his client.

"I very much value my membership of the CLA, as a source of specialist advice and support for my landowning clients." Surrey member