Tory Leadership Candidates 2019

30 May 2019

The CLA Public Affairs team assess the Conservative candidates vying for 10 Downing street and the chance to become the next Prime Minister



CLA Calls on Next PM to back 4G For All

Following recent comments from Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt on the importance of rural connectivity CLA Deputy President Mark Bridgeman has written to both Conservative leadership candidates asking them to back the CLA’s 4G For All Campaign. Specifically Mr Bridgeman asked the candidates to commit to a legally binding target of 95% geographic coverage by 2024.

Click here to read the CLA's letter to Boris Johnson

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After five rounds of voting, Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson have emerged from the Conservative contest to face each other in hustings around the country. 

As Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson tour the country, there is an opportunity for those CLA members who are also members of the Conservative Party to quiz the candidates on their views. Although held in private, the commitments given in these hustings will form a crucial part of the policies that any future Prime Minister implements. They will also provide insight into the future of the countryside. 







Perhaps most famous for holding a press conference to announce he was not standing in the last leadership race, Boris Johnson is the current front runner.

As a former Foreign Secretary, Mayor of London and as a London MP his experience of on the ground rural issues will be limited. However, during the referendum campaign in 2016, he said post-Brexit the agricultural budget would remain the same while many EU regulations could be removed. 



The Foreign Secretary has declared that it would be political suicide to leave the EU without a deal in a move which is likely to enrage MPs and Conservative Party members who want to see the UK leave the EU one way or another on 31 October.

As MP for South West Surrey, one would expect Mr Hunt to be well aware of the issues that concern rural communities across the country. He is also pitching himself as a successful businessman who understands what businesses need – the question remains as to whether this extends to rural businesses and their unique needs. 



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