GN12-20 Heritage Enforcement and Prosecution in England and Wales

This Guidance Note explains enforcement and prosecution in cases where there is (or it is being claimed that there is) building work which has breached listed building, planning, or scheduled monument law.  This is surprisingly common, often because local authorities do not understand the law.  It has a strong emphasis on the practical actions members can take in these circumstances.

It does not cover the separate issue of local authority action if buildings are in disrepair (for which see the separate CLA Guidance Note Solutions for problem heritage and heritage at risk).

GN10-20 Listed Buildings - what listing includes: Fixtures, and attached and curtilage structures (England and Wales)

This Guidance Note concerns what is and is not included in a listing, i.e. the principal building, and potentially fixtures, attached structures, and curtilage structures.  It explores the mythology which has grown up on this subject.  It also covers the implications of inclusion, and what members can do to persuade local authorities or others that something is, or is not, included in the listing of a listed building.  It is designed to be read alongside other CLA Guidance Notes, especially Getting heritage and other consents, and Listed buildings - do I need consent?



These Regulations came into force on 1 June 2020 (England only) introduce another important element to the long list of landlords’ legal responsibilities. They place an obligation on private landlords to check compliance with the relevant electrical safety standards in order to ensure that electrical installations in the private rented sector are safe for continued use.  

This Guidance Note sets out the scope of the new legislation; the implications for relevant landlords; the enforcement regime and some practical advice on what steps landlords should be taking now.  

It contains a link to the latest Government guidance but members should please be aware that this will be reviewed again as there have been some discrepancies over the start dates.


GN05-20 Residential Tenancies COVID-19 Rent Concessions

In these extraordinary times landlords and tenants may want or need to reconsider the terms of their existing residential tenancy agreements.

This Guidance Note deals with the issue of rent concessions and contains suggested template letters that could be used or adapted by landlords to record temporary changes to the rent payable under residential tenancy agreements.


GN01-20 Listed Buildings: when do I need consent? (England and Wales)

Listed building consent (LBC) is required for any work to a listed building which affects its 'special interest'.  Much (perhaps most) work to listed buildings will not affect special interest, and therefore does not need consent.  In practice, however, the 'official' guidance is minimal, it can appear very unclear whether LBC is needed or not, and penalties for carrying out work which needed consent without consent can be substantial.  This Guidance Note is designed to help members with heritage who are in doubt.

The Non-domestic Private Rented sector minimum energy efficiency standards: The future Trajectory to 2030

The CLA has responded to the Government's consultation: Non-domestic Private Rented sector minimum energy efficiency standards: future trajectory to 2030 which proposes to set a minimum EPC rating of band B by 2030.

In our response, we highlight the unique challenge faced by rural commercial buildings given they are off-gas grid and mainly of traditional construction as well as other concerns, such as the assessment methodology, the parallel introduction of tightening domestic minimum requirements and the difficulties of the seven-year payback test.

Katie Ramsey

Katie Ramsey is a Policy Researcher for the Property and Business Team. Katie joined the CLA in July 2019, having just graduated from Oxford University. Projects she's worked on include, Land Value Capture, the Value of Rural Landownership and Labour Supply to the Rural Economy.


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