Planning for Traveller Sites

The Government's current planning policies regarding Gypsies and travellers are becoming outdated due to broader changes in the planning system and so needed updating.  The Government is consulting on a number of proposals as to how this can be done.  The CLA is broadly supportive of the approach being adopted, but is doubtful that it goes far enough in giving a sufficient incentive for Local Planning Authorities to provide the necessary sites.


Andrew Shirley MRICS

Andrew is Chief Surveyor. He deals with policy and advice on infrastructure, utilities, compulsory purchase, telecoms agricultural tenancies, valuations, non-domestic rates, council tax and minerals.  He is also secretary to the Institutional Landowners Group and the Minerals Working Party. Andrew leads the Property Management team who cover national policy and advice for rural business, diversification, digital connectivity, planning, housing, historic environment, designations, tourism and economics.

Jonathan Thompson MA MBA DIPM

Jonathan Thompson MA MBA DipM has been advising CLA members on heritage since 2006. He is an Oxford University history and economics graduate.  He qualified as a chartered surveyor, worked in property management and development, ran the commercial operations and 200 historic buildings of the Landmark Trust, and was chief executive of the Architectural Heritage Fund.


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