GN09-20 Permitted Development Rights - Change of Use of Buildings, and Rights for Temporary Takeaways - England only


This guidance note provides a summary of the available permitted development rights for the change of use of agricultural and other buildings to residential and commercial uses. It also includes a summary of new temporary permitted development rights for the change of use of drinking establishments, restaurant and cafes to take-away food establishments under Part 4 Temporary buildings and uses of land – new Class DA. Class DA has been introduced by the Government to support certain drinking and other establishments during the current coronavirus situation.





Rural Powerhouse

The Rural Powerhouse is a CLA campaign designed to unleash the potential of the rural economy. It aims to close the rural productivity gap, adding £43bn to per year while transforming the lives of millions of people who live and work in the countryside.

Tailored Review of Historic England

Public bodies are reviewed roughly five-yearly, in line with Cabinet Office requirements.  These reviews aim to "...provide robust challenge to... the continuing need for the organisation and, where appropriate, make recommendations for improvement".  This CLA response to the 2019 Tailored Review of Historic England praises many aspects of HE's work.  But it also raises a number of serious concerns, especially that the current heritage protection system is failing after years of cuts to the planning system, and that HE urgently needs to implement reforms to ensure that the system will work and be financially-sustainable in future.  It suggests a number of recommendations for the Review.


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