Residential landlords granting an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) need to be aware of the legislation that governs their situation.  This guidance note sets out a summary of the steps that must be taken before granting an AST and provides further information on matters with which private residential landlords must comply.



GN11-17 Livestock Worrying

Throughout the year and particularly at lambing time, the legal department receives a number of requests for advice on what action a livestock farmer can take when dogs worry their animals.

This note contains advice on reporting such incidents and sets out the circumstances in which the owner of a dog which worries livestock can be prosecuted or sued and considers the actions that the farmer can lawfully take to protect his stock.

GN10-17 Drones and Private Property 2017

Drones are becoming increasingly popular both for recreational use and for professional applications including surveillance and data gathering.  We anticipate that the drone industry is an area which is likely to continue to expand considerably over the coming years and that there is significant potential for this technology to benefit a wide variety of industries, not least in agriculture, saving time and increasing yields. 

Roger Tetlow

A solicitor, advises on general property law, including land registration, conveyancing, business tenancies, easements, private rights of way, commons, water and drainage and sporting rights.


Andrew Gillett

A solicitor, advises on areas of law including highways, public rights of way and access issues, trespass, firearms and hot air ballooning. Also advises on occupiers liability and the liability owners may face in relation to their animals.



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