High Speed Rail: Investing in Britain's Future

The CLA questions whether the assessment of the proposal has properly considered the impact on the rural economy and the important landscapes that the proposed line will cross, and argues strongly that the proposal should not go ahead without first introducing a reform of compulsory purchase law and procedures, especially in relation to blight and compensation.  We provide details of our proposals for change.

GN08-11 Angling and overhead power lines: reducing exclusion zones to increase fishing availability.

The basic default exclusion zone establishes a no fishing area within 30m of electricity apparatus.  In certain circumstances the new guidance permits a reduction to a safety distance of 7m between the tip of the rod to the overhead power line.  Such a reduction should only take place where a full risk assessment on the lines is undertaken in partnership with the owner of the electricity apparatus.

Electricity Market Reform

The CLA's response to DECC's consultation on Electricity Market Reform has flagged its deep concern that the proposals appear to ignore the important role that smaller scaled distributed generation can play under the current FIT, and its advice that this sector should not be subject to the EMR proposals.  The CLA sets out cogent reasons why a contract for difference system would exclude small scale investment.


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