Energy Red Tape Challenge

The formal scope of the Red Tape Challenge excludes regulations on tax and spend measures and the activities of the independent Economic Regulators - for example the Renewables Obligation (tax and spend) and license conditions for electricity suppliers (Ofgem).

Electricity Market Reform

The CLA's response to DECC's consultation on Electricity Market Reform has flagged its deep concern that the proposals appear to ignore the important role that smaller scaled distributed generation can play under the current FIT, and its advice that this sector should not be subject to the EMR proposals.  The CLA sets out cogent reasons why a contract for difference system would exclude small scale investment.


The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has launched a campaign to try and persuade the Government and BT to dramatically speed up access to broadban

Andrew Shirley MRICS

Andrew is Chief Surveyor. He deals with policy and advice on infrastructure, utilities, compulsory purchase, telecoms agricultural tenancies, valuations, non-domestic rates, council tax and minerals.  He is also secretary to the Institutional Landowners Group and the Minerals Working Party. Andrew leads the Property Management team who cover national policy and advice for rural business, diversification, digital connectivity, planning, housing, historic environment, designations, tourism and economics.

MP briefing: Digital Economy Bill (Lords) (Committee Stage) – (31 Jan 2017) - part 1

This briefing paper was sent to members of the House of Lords as they considered amendments to the Digital Economy Bill which enshrines into law the Universal Service Obligation for broadband and also makes changes to the Electronic Communications Code. It provides background information to peers on the issue and the CLA’s position. 


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