The Future of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides

Defra have announced that it is their intention to disband the ACP and replace it with a non-statutory expert scientific committee, providing advice to ministers.  Defra feel that the ACP, formed in 1985, no longer fulfils its original purpose.  At its inception, the bulk of regulation on pesticides was taken at Member State level, however by 2012, regulation is almost entirely passed at a European level.  Defra felt this was the preferred option and the CLA has conditionally welcomed the move.  It agrees that a new committee with a renewed remit is appropriate in light of recommendations made by the Chief Scientific Adviser, and independent reviews within Government

The Implementation of the Nitrates Directive in England 2013-2016

The Nitrate Directive is intended to reduce water pollution caused by nitrates
from agricultural sources.  Government is required to review the implementation of it every four years.  This recent consultation looked at the issue again of
whether to continue with discrete designation of NVZs in England (a separate consultation was carried in Wales) or take up the option of designating all of
England as a single NVZ and then consider changes to the Action Programme.

Future Funding of Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (February 2011)

In general the CLA is supportive of a review of the funding process, which will hopefully allow more private money to contribute to flood defence schemes and ensure they go forward but doubt this will make much difference to rural areas
with low population density.  The Government thinking which continues to follow the pathway mapped out by the 'Making Space for Water Policy' is a particularly dangerous one.  There are high levels of uncertainty around climate change
impacts and in tandem the predicted population growth and food security needs are not addressed by the policy and this funding consultation.

The Implementation of the EU Pesticides Legislation

This consultation was on how the EU Sustainable Use Directive should be enshrined in UK regulation.  The CLA argues for no gold-plating of UK regulation, no arbitrary pesticide reduction targets, the ability to continue to aerial spray and the need to use plant protection products in areas to which the public have access.  The CLA also argues against further prior-notification of spraying, and against increasing the burden of sprayer testing.



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