Outcome Measures and prioritisation approaches for Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management

This is CLA's response to the Defra consultation on how flood and coastal erosion risk management will be assessed and prioritised in the future.  Whilst, we largely support the new measures proposed, which include separating flooding and coastal erosion budgets, we have made suggestions to improve the system to make it more equitable for rural areas and ensure that risk to economic activity is given greater weighting.

Making Space for Water: Environment Agency Strategic Overview

CLA are supportive of the EA having direct responsibility for strategic coastal management as this will allow a more holistic approach.  It is important the implementation of a strategic coastal management plan has the required funds to ensure that those who lose out for wider economic/community/environmental benefit are adequately recompensed.  It is recommended that in time coastal management will extend to not just cover erosion and flood risk but the wider issues spatial planning, habitat management, community and social well being, heritage protection.


Water for Life and Livelihoods: a Strategy for River Basin Planning

CLA response to the EA strategy for river basin planning: water for life and
livelihoods argues for land managers to be fully involved at all stages of the
planning process. This will ensure that environmental objectives for each water
body are achieved in a practical and cost effective way, taking account of the
sustainable development needs of that region.


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