The Implementation of the EU Pesticides Legislation

This consultation was on how the EU Sustainable Use Directive should be enshrined in UK regulation.  The CLA argues for no gold-plating of UK regulation, no arbitrary pesticide reduction targets, the ability to continue to aerial spray and the need to use plant protection products in areas to which the public have access.  The CLA also argues against further prior-notification of spraying, and against increasing the burden of sprayer testing.


Welfare of Gamebirds

The CLA welcomes the Draft Code of Practice on the Welfare of Gamebirds reared for Sporting Purposes which closely mirrors the Game Farmers' Association Code and which we were pleased to assist with on the stakeholder working group.

Proposals for Time Limiting of water Abstraction Licences

Defra has consulted on proposals to introduce a system of imposing time limits
on all abstraction licences.  The CLA is concerned that, whilst the proposals
may have merit, the case has not been made out in the consultation.  Before a
whole new regulatory regime is imposed on abstractors, the justification needs
to be fully thought through and all the options, not just more regulation, need
to be considered.

GN04-09: Campaign for the Farmed Environment

The Campaign for the Farmed Environment has been developed by the industry as a voluntary approach to retain and recreate the environmental benefits associated with former set aside land.  It has been developed by the CLA and NFU with industry partners in GWCT, FWAG, LEAF and AIC.  This Guidance Note provides the background to the Campaign and answers some of the common questions CLA members have on this approach.


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