Climate Change - 'Part of the Solution'

Our sector, representing farmers, land managers and associated businesses, is a central part of the response to the growing threat posed by climate change. We recognise the role played by agriculture and rural land use in the wider context of global sustainable development. Managing the land is the most basic of humanindustries, without which we would not be able to sustain all others, including our own lives. Given that we all depend upon large areas of the land for our food and, increasingly, for other renewable resources, we accept our responsibility to use our finite resources wisely, and to mitigate unwanted impacts on air quality, soil, water, habitats and wildlife.

CLA Member representation on Local Nature Partnerships

Forty-eight Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs) have now been established across England, forming part of the Government’s commitments outlined in the Natural Environment White Paper.

The Government considers that LNPs will “add value” to important decision making in an area. LNPs are expected to contribute to “strategic planning matters” within their local area and the Government intends to add LNPs to the “Duty to Co-operate” in the Local Planning Regulations. This will mean that Local Authorities must consider the views of LNPs on strategic planning matters.


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