GN32-02: The Telecommunications Code

All telecommunications equipment owned by Code Systems Operators (companies licensed by OFTEL) is covered by the Telecommunications Code, which covers their statutory rights and responsibilities

The Code is poorly drafted, and there is little case law to assist in its interpretation.

The guidance below is provided by way of a layman's guide to the main provisions, but where any disputes arise, given the complexity of the drafting and the uncertainty of interpretation, members are advised to seek the advice of a solicitor who is expert in this area.

GN08-02: Indirect betterment - the treatment of income gained from borrow bits, site offices, spoil tips and other arrangements with contractors in assessing compensation for land taken

This issue has been of concern to the CLA and its members for some considerable time. The Rural Practice Surveyor prepared a briefing paper after a preliminary review in February 1993 but consideration of the matter has continued.


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