BSE: Lifting the export ban and harmonising specified risk material controls applicable in the UK with those in other member states

CLA welcomes and recognises the work being done to harmonise regulations and speed the lifting of the export ban, but sees no reason why small businessmen should be forced to pay for inspections which serve no public health purpose


Vision for a Bovine Tuberculosis Control and Eradication Strategy

The CLA has put forward its vision for a Control and Eradication Strategy to deal with the scourge of Bovine Tuberculosis. It envisages a comprehensive programme combining enhanced measures to identify and prevent the disease in cattle together with measures for targeting infected wildlife species. In combination with improved information, communication and research we propose a strategy which can be implemented immediately using measures which are known to reduce the incidence of TB.


Water for Life and Livelihoods: a Strategy for River Basin Planning

CLA response to the EA strategy for river basin planning: water for life and
livelihoods argues for land managers to be fully involved at all stages of the
planning process. This will ensure that environmental objectives for each water
body are achieved in a practical and cost effective way, taking account of the
sustainable development needs of that region.


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