The Private Water Supplies (England) Regulations 2008

The regulations would require Local Authorities to complete risk assessments of all small and large suppliers within 5 years of the regulations coming into
force.  Risk assessments will involve surveying the private water supply to minimise the contamination of source water.  The proposed regulations recommend that  councils may also charge to carry out a risk assessment, sampling and audit.  It is the CLA's view that there is a real danger that more powers may be given to Local Authorities than is necessary or than what is required under the Directive.  The CLA think that existing control measures are sufficient.

Changes to BSE Testing

The CLA welcomes the increase in age in testing, having been convinced by the evidence provided.  The CLA would also like to stress the importance of pressing forward, as laid down in the TSE Roadmap, and the primacy of sound science when dealing with these matters.


Coastal Access (England only)- Background and Government Response to DEFRA Consultation and Pre-legislative Scrutiny of Part 9 Draft Marine Bill

Coastal Access: this Briefing Note summarises the Government's report - ""Taking forward the Marine Bill: the Government's response to pre-legislative scrutiny and public consultation.  It also details CLA reaction to the announcement and the way forward.


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